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Ulster GAA Concussion Workshop Programme

Ulster GAA will be running out a series of workshops to raise awareness of concussion with the coaches in clubs throughout Ulster.

These workshops are designed to:

  • Introduce you to the topic in a non-medical way

  • The Brain – to take a look at the mechanics of the brain and movement within the scull

  • What is Concussion – examine what it is – and how we perhaps don’t regard it as an injury?

  • Help us recognise some Signs & Symptoms

  • Help us appreciate the Potential Dangers of not dealing with it seriously as we would with any other injury

  • Principles of Management / Action Plan for Coaches if it should happen

  • Considerations for Children (5-12 years) and how the injury needs managed

  • Helping your Players Cope when they have had a concussion

  • Return to Play and management back into full contact

  • Resources for Coaches that can be accessed and used to educate in your club or school

CAVAN – Wednesday 28th May at 7:15pm

Two Venues.

Drumlane Community Centre, Tutor: Paul Divilly

Ramor Virginia, Tutor: Ryan Mellon

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